Senior Softball Bat Reviews-2021

Looking to improve your slow-pitch softball game with a senior bat? If so, then our senior softball bat reviews may be able to help you pick the right bat for your playstyle.

For today’s post, we’ve picked 5 very different senior softballs to hopefully meet the needs of as many of our readers as we can. Whether you want more comfort or power, you should be able to find what you are looking for in our roundup.

Let’s see what our picks have to offer without further ado!

Senior Softball Bat Reviews

1.Adidas 2017 Melee 2 Softball Bat

If your playstyle is all about power, then perhaps the Melee 2 softball bat from Adidas is the right option for you. With its end-loaded design, Melee 2 will deliver a stronger whip and ultimately increased distance.

Notably, Melee 2 has the shortest barrel on the list. With a smaller sweet spot, Melee 2 probably would be a better choice for more seasoned players who can hit balls accurately.

The Melee 2 softball bat has a one-piece build as well. One-piece bats have reduced flex on contact and thus allow for greater power transfer to the ball. This characteristic further emphasizes the power orientation of this softball bat.

And material-wise, Melee 2 has a high-quality composite construction that should last through months or perhaps even years of heavy play.

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adidas 2017 12 Inch Melee 2 Loaded.

adidas 2017 12 Inch Melee 2 Loaded...


  • End-loaded design for a stronger whip.
  • Excellent for hitting hard and far.


  • A short barrel and thus small sweet spot.
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2.Miken 2019 Ultra II Slow-Pitch Softball Bat

The 2019 Ultra II slow-pitch softball bat from Miken is a different kind of beast. As a one-piece softball bat, it will again deliver a good amount of power, but it’s not as power-oriented as the Adidas Melee 2 softball bat.

First of all, this is due to the more balanced weight in the Ultra II bat. Thanks to its balanced weight distribution, Ultra II will have a faster but weaker swing than the Adidas Melee 2 softball bat.

Secondly, Ultra II has a more flexible build with the E-Flex Ultra Technology. The added flex will further reduce this softball bat’s power, but it will add shock absorption and comfort.

Some players will also prefer the longer 14-inch barrel. With its larger sweet spot, the long barrel will make Ultra II easier to hit the ball with, which will be a great benefit for those people whose hits aren’t the most consistent accuracy-wise.

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Miken 2019 Ultra II SSUSA 1-Piece Slowpitch Softball Bar (MSU2).

Senior Softball Bat Reviews


  • Excellent flex for a 1-piece softball bat.
  • 14-inch barrel with a large sweet spot.
  • Balanced weight for added swing speed.


  • This bat does not feature an ASA stamp as it is a SSUSA model
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3. Miken 2019 Freak Primo Maxload Slow-Pitch Softball Bat

The Miken 2019 Freak Primo slow-pitch softball bat is a pretty weird one. In fact, its name is rather characteristic of its design – it truly is a freak among typical softball bats.

You’ve probably already noticed what the deal is with this bat. Although it has a 14-inch barrel like the Miken Ultra II softball bat, it’s thicker down the length and thus has a larger sweet spot and should be pretty easy to hit with.

Next, the Freak Primo softball bat has an end-loaded design. However, this bat probably won’t be as heavy-hitting as Adidas Melee 2. This is due to its added shock absorbency and increased flex. Similar to the Ultra II bat, Freak Primo employs F2P Barrel Flex Technology, and it also has a two-piece design that will minimize vibration upon hitting the ball.

With all that in mind, Miken Freak Primo is probably a good option for players who want a comfortable hitting experience with a hint of power.

The Freak Primo softball bat is pretty expensive though, so it’s certainly not a pocket-friendly option. However, if its performance characteristics are exactly what you need, Freak Primo will probably be an excellent buy.

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Miken 2019 Freak Primo USSSA Maxload Slowpitch Softball Bat (MPRIMU).

3Miken 2019 Freak Primo Maxload Slow-Pitch Softball Bat.


  • Excellent flex.
  • Reduced vibration thanks to the two-piece design.
  • 14-inch barrel with an extra-large sweet spot.
  • Very easy to land shots with.
  • End-loaded design.


  •  Expensive 
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4.Dudley Legend LiFT Slow-Pitch Softball Bat

The Dudley Legend LiFT slow-pitch softball bat should be a great option for you if you are looking for added spin.

This softball bat features the Grip Spin technology with a tacky substance across the barrel to create more backspin upon hitting the ball. This feature may be great for you if you are struggling with spin or just want more of it in your strike.

The Dudley Legend LiFT softball bat also promises added swing speed thanks to LiFT (Lite Frame Technology). This softball bat should deliver a faster swing than other bats on the list, though this probably will be at the expense of swing power.

Another thing that contributes to the swing speed is the balanced weight distribution.

The barrel in the Dudley Legend LiFT softball bat is sized at 13 inches. With this in mind, it has a pretty moderately sized sweet spot, but it shouldn’t be too difficult to hit balls with.

What we dislike about Dudley Legend LiFT is that it was available only in one size and weight as of this review’s writing – 34/26. This isn’t the problem of the bat itself – it is the problem of the listing. Nonetheless, this is important to know about, though hopefully the seller adds more options in the future.

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Dudley Legend Lift Balanced 13 Inch LL13BSP Senior Slowpitch Softball Bat

Dudley Legend LiFT Slow-Pitch Softball Bat


  • Balanced swing.
  • Creates more backspin the ball.
  • Added swing speed thanks to Lite Frame Technology.


  • Only one size & weight option as of the review’s writing.
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5.Miken 2020 Ultra Fusion Mike Dill Slow-Pitch Softball Bat

Finally, we have Miken’s 2020 Ultra Fusion Mike Dill softball bat. This is yet another great option if you are looking for comfort and added swing speed.

Thanks to its two-piece design, this softball bat is going to do a better job at absorbing shock than some other bats in our senior softball bat reviews. Aside from that, the Ultra Fusion bat is somewhat flexible as well, adding to comfort and impact absorbency.

Notably, the sweet spot in this softball bat is also pretty large– it’s not as large as in the Freak Primo softball bat, but it seems larger than in other bats on the list. The barrel is 14 inches long as well, so it should be very easy to land shots with.

The swing speed in the Ultra Fusion Mike Dill bat should also be solid thanks to the balanced weight and added torque.

With all that said, this softball bat is slightly on the pricier side, though it’s not as expensive as the Freak Primo softball bat.

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Senior Softball Bat Reviews

Miken 2020 Ultra Fusion 14 Mike Dill Balanced Senior Slow Pitch Softball Bat MUF4BS MUF4BS...


  • Large sweet spot.
  • Fast swing thanks to the balanced weight.
  • Comfortable thanks to the added shock absorption.


  • pricey
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Need to Know:Some Important Information

Slow-Pitch Softball VS Baseball

Although slow-pitch softball is very similar to baseball, there are many small differences between them that make the two games quite distinct.

The differences between slow-pitch softball and baseball include but are not limited to:


A baseball bat has a 9-inch circumference, while slow-pitch softball balls are sized from 11 to 16 inches and are less dense than baseball balls.


Baseball bats measure no longer than 42 inches and are made of wood or aluminum. Slow-pitch softball bats measure no longer than 34 inches and are made of aluminum, composite materials, and rarely wood.


Baseball baselines are 90 feet, while slow-pitch softball baselines are typically 60-65 feet.

Pitching Distance.

The baseball pitching distance is 60 feet 6 inches, while in slow-pitch softball, it’s usually 46 feet.


Any method is allowed in baseball, while slow-pitch softball requires underhand pitching. The ball must also travel in an arc no higher than 6-12 feet above the ground.

But as you could’ve noticed, balls travel shorter in softball due to factors such as low ball density or bat shortness.

If you are coming from baseball, slow-pitch softball shouldn’t be too challenging for you. You may need to do minor adjustments to your playstyle and adapt to softball equipment, but the two games are largely similar. You will also need to learn the rules of slow-pitch softball since there are some minor but important details that you should know about.

How To Hit A Slow-Pitch Softball Farther

Increasing the distance of your ball is connected to the power of your swing. A powerful softball swing incorporates making use of the weight of your body and the strength of your legs.

The video below provides a good demonstration of how a powerful and long-distance hit should be performed in slow-pitch softball.

Another thing that you could do to increase the distance of your ball is a more powerful bat. You may try to go for a bat that is heavier or has its balance shifted towards the end of the bat.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) about Senior Softball Bat Reviews.

What is the best senior softball bat?

This would depend on your needs. All softball bats reviewed above are excellent bats, but which one would be the very best for you would depend on your requirements and playstyle:

  • If you want to hit stronger and farther, then go for something like Adidas 2017 Melee 2 Softball Bat or Miken 2019 Freak Primo Maxload
  • If you struggle with consistently hitting the ball, then perhaps a bat with a large sweet spot like Miken 2019 Freak Primo Maxload would be the best option for you. Miken 2020 Ultra Fusion or Ultra II may work as well.
  • Miken 2020 Ultra Fusion and Ultra II could also work for you if you want a softer impact feel.
  • And for those who want added spin, Dudley Legend LiFT could be an excellent choice.

What is a senior softball bat?

Senior softball bats differ from youth bats in the following ways:

  • Barrel diameter. Senior bats usually have barrels measuring 2-5/8 to 2-3/4 inches in diameter, while youth bats are around 2-1/4 inches. Thus, senior barrels have higher hitting power.
  • Length:Senior bats tend to be 25-34 long, while youth bats can reach 36 inches. The reason for the increased bat length in youth bats may be to assist young players.
  • Weight: Senior bats tend to be heavier than youth bats, though heavy youth bats are available as well.
  • Weight drop. Youth bats usually have a higher weight drop (the difference between length and weight) – from -10 to -13.5 versus -5 to -12 in senior bats. This again shows that youth bats tend to be lighter for their length than senior bats.

How do you break in a senior softball bat?

Here’s what you could do to break in your new softball bat:

  • Hit a regulation softball ball off a tee around 100 times. Don’t put full power into your swings initially. As you do more and more hits, increase power gradually.
  • Take around 50 swings of soft or front toss.
  • Have someone pitch balls to you 50 times. The pitcher should throw the ball at 40 mph at least.

Remember to rotate the bat by 1/4 after each swing. Also, if you hit the ball off-center or hit weakly, do not rotate the bat and don’t count that swing.

If you have a composite softball bat, then don’t break it in unless it’s at least 70 degrees Fahrenheit outside. This is because a cold ball could damage your bat.

Know that aluminum alloy bats may not benefit a whole lot from breaking in. Composite bats benefit the most from a few hundred swings before your first game.

What does 1.20 BPF mean on a softball bat?

With softball bats, BPF (Bat Performance Factor) shows a bat’s the increase of ball liveliness compared to a solid wall. 1.20 BPF means that a softball bat has 20% more rebound than a wall.

Final Words

We hope that you’ve been able to find the best slow-pitch softball for your demands. If you understand your needs, then it shouldn’t be difficult for you to pick the right bat with our in-depth feature & spec overviews. If necessary, do additional research to try and understand what you truly need to improve your game.

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