Rawlings Threat Reviews: USA Baseball Bat.

Everyone wants to have the best baseball gears when they are playing, but it’s not always easy to find the right product that caters to your every need. What we do at times like this is research almost everywhere, yet the plethora of different brands and products on the market doesn’t make our findings any easier.

Before you jump to conclusions regarding this post being “just another mainstream article” as well, hear us out first.

After completing thorough research for you, we decided to sum up this article with one of the best baseball bat brands currently found on the market. The brand that we chose as our top pick today is none other than Rawlings.

Rawlings has been a certified trendsetter in the baseball industry for a really long period of time, and their products are always being upgraded for the better. Today in this Rawlings Threat Reviews, we are going to check out two of the best baseball ball bats ever manufactured.

We hope you stick around till the end of this Rawlings Threat USA bat reviews!

Rawlings Threat Reviews:(2 Best Bats Reviewed)

1st One:

Rawlings 2020 Threat USA Youth Baseball Bat Series

Rawlings 2020 Threat USA Youth Baseball Bat Series​

For our first product on this list we have this amazing Rawlings 2020 thread USA youth baseball bat. This incredible product has a total length of 27 inches and comes with a drop weight of minus 12.

This best baseball bat sports a really chic golden colour for the body with the brand name embossed right in the middle of the barrel. The handle of the baseball bat is black in colour.

The extra large sweet spot allows users to make more contact with the ball. On top of that the strong carbon fibre barrel gives this baseball bat the necessary pop and sound that it deserves.

This baseball bat is constructed to be ultralight in weight, therefore making it the perfect choice for beginners. You will definitely like this baseball bat if your main priority is getting a big swing every single time. This baseball bat is fully approved for usage in every big league as well.

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Rawlings Threat Reviews

rawlings threat 2020 reviews


  • Super lightweight, weighing only 1 pound
  • High quality carbon fibre barrel
  • Ultra-light weight makes the baseball bat eligible for larger swings
  • Super budget friendly.


  • Unfortunately this baseball bat is not unisex as it is ideal for only boys.

What people say about it:

Judging from an overall basis, this baseball bat is actually a pretty good one as it comes with the necessary features that a beginner might require for practise. Alongside that, the baseball bat is also very lightweight and easy to carry around.

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2nd One:
Rawlings 2019 Threat USA Youth Baseball Bat

Rawlings 2019 Threat USA Youth Baseball Bat (-12)

Our final pick for this review is this amazing Rawlings Threat Baseball Bat of the 2019 version. This incredible product sports a very bright green colour for the body and black grip for the handle. The Rawlings 2019 threat USA baseball bat is equipped with a very large sweet spot in order to give hitters more contact area with the ball.

The baseball bat is constructed with a strong composite design that is combined with a carbon fibre barrel, therefore ensuring a very loud pop every single time.

This incredible baseball bat is very lightweight, which makes it a top choice for players of ages 14 and under. The large size of the baseball bat makes it very ideal for tall kids.The total measurement of this baseball bat is 30 inches by 18 oz.

Like this youth bat, We have an another huge review of youth baseball bat. Where we have talked about 10 youth baseball bats. Hope you will enjoy.

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rawlings threat usa bat reviews

rawlings threat



  • Very lightweight
  • Extremely budget friendly
  • High quality composite design
  • Moderate drop weight of minus 12.


  • A few customers reported that this baseball bat does not reduce vibration.

What People Say About It

Invest into this high quality baseball bat if you want to practise with something lightweight and large. The Rawlings 2019 threat USA baseball bat is a one of a kind product and we urge you to waste no time in getting your hands on it!

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About The Brand Rawlings

Rawlings is one of the best American based company that manufacturers sports equipment’s. The brand sells a range of other products other than baseball gears such as football gears, golf gears, tennis gears, fishing gears, etc.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Rawlings USA Bats

1. Are Rawlings bats good?

Yes, Rawlings bats are very good because they are very high quality and lightweight. They also cater to the requirements of people of different ages and experience levels.

2. Does Rawlings make wooden bats?

Yes, Rawlings does indeed make wooden bats. Wooden bats manufactured by this brand are known to be of really high quality as they are made from very strong woods such as Maple, Birch, Ash etc.

3. What can I use to clean a baseball bat?

You can use any kind of mild soap to wash your baseball bat. Make sure to only use a soft wash cloth to rub against your baseball bat as you do not want anything to stain the body of the product.

4. How do you clean a bat at home?

The easiest way to clean your baseball bat at home is by using a soft washcloth and very mild soap. You can either do this in your yard, in your garden or in your balcony.

Make sure to never use hand soap while cleaning a baseball bat. You should also let it dry under the sun for only 15 to 30 minutes after you scrub it down.

5. What is the best Rawlings bat?

The best Rawlings bat in 2020 is the Rawlings 2020 threat USA youth baseball bat series in minus 12. This baseball bat comes with a range of very versatile features, and is created to cater to the requirements of children age 12 and under. The baseball bat is super lightweight and comes with a premium pop.

Final Thought

Playing baseball should not be a difficult thing to do. Make sure to invest into only the best baseball bats in order to enjoy a memorable baseball session.

We hope you really enjoyed reading this article and that it helped you decide which Rawlings bat to go for. Thank you for taking the time to read through this lengthy article!

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