How To Play Baseball(Everything Explained)

How to Play Baseball (Step by Step)

Learning baseball is not so difficult. Here we will provide instruction about how to play baseball. You will learn from setting up a team to detail the rules of playing. The basics of the MLB are hitting, base running, fielding and throwing, Follow the instruction Step by step

Part 1: Setting Up a Team

how to play baseball

Team Mates:

At least nine players are necessary for setting up a team. You could manage below nine but to be able to field a team for a defense nine minimum nine people are needed. With fewer players, it will expand the coverage of players in the field which will make it difficult for the players to reach the ball after a hit through. So try to arrange a minimum of nine people or get as close to nine.

Pitcher and Catcher:

After the setting of a team, assigned the pitcher, as well as you will need to assign a catcher. The pitcher is also a player who will stand in the middle of the field. He will throw the ball to the batter. The catcher stays just behind the batter at home plate and if the batter misses a hit, the catcher will catch the ball.

The throwing ball is hard and fast enough to injure the catcher, so make sure to wear protective gear.


Now you need to select the infielders. The players protect the bases who stay in the infield. Place the players at first, second and third bases. In shortstop place a fourth player. As it is the roving position to backs up the baseman. He will catch balls to the infield.


The players staying in the outfield are the right fielder, center fielder and left fielder. The outfielders will catch the fly balls in the outfield as well as responsible for chasing down the ground ball.

Part 2: Setting Up the Fields

Rules of baseball

Field Place

In the field place the bases, there are four bases namely first, second third and home plate. These four bases are “safe sports” for the runners. canvas or rubber covered bags set up in a square known as a diamond.

  • From home plate, bases are numbered counterclockwise.
  • Approximately every base maintains 90 feet gaps from each other.
  • The lines are made of dirt to connect the bases. So there is a chance to slide into the bases for the runner, the rest of the field is made of grass so the other players may not slide. 2.

Pitcher’s Mound:

On a mound of dirt in the center of the diamond, which is 18 meters away from the home plate. You need to place a small rubber plate on the mound from where the pitcher will throw.

Foul Lines:

If the baseball hits to the left of the third base or the right of the first is declared as a “foul ball”. Foul ball invalidates the play. The foul line is extended up to the first and third bases from the home plate.

Batter’s Boxes:

You need to paint the batters’ box. Either on the left side of the home plate or the right side, depending on the diamond hand, the batter stands. 4 foot by 6-foot box on both sides needs to be painted.

Catcher’s Box:

Behind the home plate, you need to paint a small box also for the catcher and umpire to stand to observe the ball after throwing it by pitchers.

 After setting the team and field, you are ready to play, now you need the rules related to baseball, here we have discussed the rules of baseball. You will get clear instructions on how to play baseball and all rules and act related to the game.

Part 3: Playing Offense

baseball games offense

A batter to the plate, At first send a batter to the home plate. A batter will approach home plate and will stand to the side of it in one of the batters’ box. The batter will wait until the throw of the pitcher. In this waiting period batters can practice swings.

In the time of offensive play, all players act as batters and take a turn to try to hit the ball.

Watch the Ball like it is Pitched:

The batter will try to hit the ball so he needs to predict where the ball can be hittable. Batters can decide to swing or hit the ball or to not swing and allow the catcher to catch the ball behind him. If there is an illegal hit, the umpire will call –  a strike, a ball or a foul ball.

Swing the Bat:

Standing with your feet parallel and knees slightly bent, hold the bat with two hands, upright at the base. bring it forward in a fluid motion. Always keep your eye on the ball to increase your chances of making contact.

Run the Bases:

 While the ball is moving across or through the air in the field after hitting, the batter (now runner) drops the bat and runs as fast as possible to the first base. As long as the runner gets an out they can stop at first base or stay going until it is unsafe.

Steal Bases:

mostly, the runner is failed to complete an entire circuit of the bases on a single play so they can stop at a base and wait for the next better to step up the plate. At any time, the runner may attempt to steal the next base by running to it while the pitcher has pitched to the batter. 

Load Bases:

at the same time Only one runner/batter is allowed on each base. While all three bases will be full by runner, the offensive team will say, “bases loaded”, as a result, the next fair hit will necessarily be either a run or an out.

Hit a Home Run:

 Sometimes the batter can hit the ball so hard so that they are able to run around the diamond without getting out, it is called a home run.

Drive Forward:

 With the regular players drive forward, the home run can be fun but not enough to be relied upon for winning the game. Instead, you should focus on learning how far to run with a hit.  You should know when to stop and wait to play longer and increase the chances of scoring a run.

Do not Get Three Outs:

if three batters get out, the game is shifted with the defense and offense. While in the defense there is no chance for you to be able to make a score.

The game has two parts. A top and a bottom, if a team has three outs, the game moves either to the bottom of the next one.

Part 4: Playing Defense

How to play MLB

Pitch The Ball:

In the playing defense, pitchers will stand on the pitcher’s mound to throw the ball to the hitter. The target of the pitcher is to get an out. To confound batters, pitchers often use fastballs, curveballs, changeups, and sliders.

  • The fastball is very fast like the curveball.
  • A changeup is a pitcher pretending for a fastball but actually slower pitch aimed to confuse the batter’s timing sense.

Catch The Ball

  • Always try to catch the ball after hitting by the batters. When the batter hits the ball, it can fly or roll along the ground. Before it hits the ground, the infield and outfield will try to catch the ball, if they can catch it, it will give the batter an out and they won’t be able to proceed to run the bases.
  • Before anyone catches the ball, if it hits the ground, the defensive player can get to it quickly and pass it to any teammate to force a runner out.

Runner Out

Try to tag runners out.As long as the ball in the hand, a defensive player can tag a runner. The runners are circling the bases and the runner will be out then. Also, a baseman can catch the ball passing and step one foot on the base to get an out.

Get Multiple Runner

Get multiple out of the runner at a time. When the field set up is ready, the fielders are able to pull off a double play. Triple play is also possible here, it can help to get two or three out at a time with the single play.

  • Though triple players are rare, it is possible on line drive if enough force outs are available.
  • Double players are more common than triple players.

Game Continue

Continue playing until the currect number of innings is obtained. Unlike many other sports like basketball or football, baseball doesn’t have any time or clock. The game is played until they complete the innings. After the end of the last innings, the team wins who scored the most runs.

As there is no time limit this can drag the games for a long time. So teams are allowed for an alternative like extra pitchers to keep play fresh from beginning to end

If any teams are tired, an extra – innings are played. Though it is very unfamiliar with baseball games to end in a tie. Generally, extra innings are added until a team manages a score. If the team that scored is an away team, the home team gets another chance to score. If the home team isn’t able to score, the away team wins.

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Some Questions about How To Play Baseball

There are some frequently asked questions we have found from our user. We have tried to clear the answer and meaning in a detailed form with the questions.

how to play baseball

What Channel is the Baseball Game On?

Answer: There are a lot of sports channels worldwide that telecast baseball. In America, the MLB network is the dedicated baseball sports channel that is owned by Major League Baseball with AT&T”s warner media news and sports.

What Does WHIP Mean in Baseball?

Answer: WHIP is walks plus hits per inning pitched.  the number of baserunners sabermetric measurement of a pitcher has allowed per inning pitched. The pitcher’s propensity for allowing batters to reach base is reflected by it. So remember that a lower WHIP indicates better performance.

What is a Walk-off in Baseball?

Answer: In baseball, the home run which ends the game is a walk-off home run. It must be a home run to give the home team the lead. As well as it is the win at the bottom of the last inning of the game. Then the losing team “walk-off” the field immediately.

What Does War Mean in Baseball?

Answer: WAR is the Wins Above Replacement or it can be called Wins above replacement player (WARP). to sum up the total contribution of a player to his team, WAR is developed.  WAR Value of a player is claimed to be the number of additional wins his team has achieved above the number expected team wins. If the player was substituted with a player of replacement level.  The player may be added to the team for less effort as well as cost.

For example, Clayton Kershaw’s 2014 regular season performance at 7.2 WAR was rated by the Fangraphs, a website that provides statistics, reflecting that his team can average win 7 more games if a replacement-level player pitched his innings.

What is the Cycle in Baseball?

In baseball, hitting for the cycle is the accomplishment of a single, a triple and a home run in the same game of one batter. collecting hits in that order is  “Natural cycle”. Surprisingly, Cycles are semi rate in Major League Baseball (MLB) occurred only 330 times.

What is a Save in Baseball?

In baseball, SV or S is the save, which is credited to a pitcher.  The pitcher who finishes a game in certain prescribed circumstances. Most commonly a pitcher earns a save when he enters the ninth inning. The team is winning by three or fewer runs and finishing the game by pitching one without losing the lead.

What to Wear to a Baseball Game?

As baseball is one of the most interesting outdoor games it has a lifestyle that is admitted for decades. Along with that, in the baseball park, a lot of youngsters come there to hang with friends, cheer up with colleagues, co-workers, friends, boyfriends and much more.

So what can be the most stylish outfits to wear on baseball Gameday?

A pair of stylish loose-fitting khakis with a sleek black shirt can be the best choice for you. For the more casual-cool feel leave the jersey unbuttoned. A T-shirt tucked into black skinnies can be worn. For more stylings, you can use a baseball cap as well.

Before going to the ballpark tips to be taken into account:

  • Don’t forget your sunglasses.
  • A hat is must protect yourself from the scorching heat, sunrays
  • Apply sunscreen
  • Take a water bottle with you.
  • You can have a digital camera with you to take some cool photos.
  • Avoid big bags with you. A crossbody bag will be good for the wallet and phones.
  • Do not overfill with foods.
  • Cheer your team with singing. Enjoy every moment.

We have an interesting blog about baseball wearing dress or uniform. actually it is a full answer of your query. Hope you will know more from it, The link is given below:

Why Black and white baseball Uniform for Big Weekend?

What is an Error in Baseball?

In the statistics of baseball, an error is an act. In the report of the official scorer, if a fielder misses playing a ball in a manner that gives an advance one or more bases to the batter or base runner as well as allows an at-bat to continue after the batter should have been put out.    During an error committed the playing is also referred to as an error.

The most error happens when players are performing fielding, throwing and trying to tag a runner out, the three basic actions. When a batter hits a grounder it causes the fielding error. As well as live drive or pop up to a player identified as a fielding error.

And if a fielder is supposed to tag a runner or a base but fails, another error occurred, it also allows the runner to advance. 

What Baseball Cards are Worth Money?

Baseball card value widely depends on age, condition, scarcity and the collectible market trends at the time. Here is a look at the most valuable baseball cards in the world.

  1. HONUS WAGNER, Year: 1909-1911, ATC T206, auction price: $3.12 MILLION
  2. MICKEY MANTLE, Year: 1952 TOPPS, auction price:$1.13 MILLION
  3. BABE RUTH,Year: 1916 SPORTING NEWS, auction price: $717,000
  4. PETE ROSE/PEDRO GONZALEZ/KEN MCMULLEN/AL WEIS, Year:1963 TOPPS, auction price: $717,000
  5. “SHOELESS” JOE JACKSON, Year: 1909 AMERICAN CARAMEL, auction price: $667,149
  6. NOLAN RYAN/JERRY KOOSMAN, Year: 1968 TOPPS, auction price: $612,359
  7. BABE RUTH, Year: 1914 BALTIMORE NEWS, auction price:$575,000
  8. WILLIE MAYS, Year: 1952 TOPPS, auction price: $478,000
  9. ROBERTO CLEMENTE, Year: 1955 TOPPS, auction price: $478,000.

Baseball History.

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