Easton Ghost X Review: Updated 2021

Although playing a baseball match does not require much equipment, baseball bats are an essential instrument for the batters. Over the years with the development of games baseball bats have changed. When the games were gaining popularity the bats were cruder and made of only wood. Now, however, the design has been changed and we got hundreds of bats from different manufacturers in the sporting goods store.Let’s start Easton ghost x reviews.

It is hard to make decisions while buying a bat where you have a lot of options of both metal and wood, size, weight, cost, and other factors. This article will help you to find out the best baseball bat available in the store. If you are looking for a bat with value for money read the article carefully. Here we will provide a lot of information about three bats from one of the best baseball bats manufacturers, Easton. They produce various types of bats, here you will get the review of their Ghost X series. 

You should know, which things should be considered when buying a baseball bat, to improve the accuracy of choosing bats from thousands of bats. First of all, the batter should be comfortable with the bat. Lightweight and durable bats allow gaining greater speed during the swing.

Easton Ghost X Review

Here we will provide the review of three bats from Easton Ghost X with features, pros, and cons.

1. EASTON Ghost X Hyperlite

This bat has advanced carbon technology with exact carbon engineering which provides better feeling in hand. To get the optimized performance it is a bat with one-piece construction.New Speed Cap enhances the sound and provides the feeling of a more flexible and responsive barrel.

Batters get more speed while swinging for its one-piece Hyperlite balanced design. As well as lizard skin grip provides good feelings in the hand.

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Easton Ghost x Review

EASTON Ghost X Hyperlite -11 (2 58) USA Youth Baseball Bat.


  • 2 5/8 inch barrel diameter.
  • EXACT Carbon.
  • New SPEED CAP.
  • 1-piece HYPERLITE balanced design.


  • Dynamic feel system.
  • EXACT composite design.
  • One-piece balanced design.


  • The “pop” of the bat is not up to the mark.

What Do People Say

The other buyers find this bat a good and balanced bat. For the USA bat, it is recommended by a lot of users. Some users find the pop is not up to the mark, if you are searching for the most pop, it won’t be a good choice.

Overall EASTON Ghost X Hyperlite – 11 is a good bat in this price range. People who are searching for a one-piece design can choose this bat without thinking.

Easton Ghost x Review

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2. Easton Ghost X BBCOR BB BAT

This Easton Ghost X BBCOR bat has Easton’s new dynamic feel system. Which gives the best feelings and most powerful composite in the game. The bat has light swing weight for its Exact advanced carbon technology. It helps to deliver the longest barrels in the game with its X-tended barrel design.

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Easton Ghost X BBCOR Review

Easton Ghost X BBCOR BB BAT -3 17F..


  • 3 length to weight ratio
  • 2 5/8 inch barrel diameter
  • Two-Piece Exact Carbon Design
  • 4mm HYPERSKIN grip
  • Combines EXACT carbon construction and CONNEXION technology.


  • Proves the largest sweet spot among all the bats in this budget.
  • Provide more flex with the baseball
  • The design of the bat reduces the vibrations.
  • The Hyperskin grip cushioning effect is just fantastic.


  • The price is a little bit high.

What Do People Say

Other buyers find the bat is good at this price range. They have found a good “pop” with this bat.  It is recommended by the maximum buyers.

Overall Easton Ghost X BBCOR BB BAT is recommended if you are looking for a bat that provides good pop with the latest technology. Although the price is a little bit high it could be a good choice.

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Easton Ghost X BBCOR BB BAT -3 17F..

3. Easton Ghost X Evolution -10

The Easton Ghost X Evolution -10 is a two-piece exact carbon composite design bat. Which gives a balanced swing weight. The nitro cell foam gives a lighter and better feeling connection between the handle and the barrel. The new speed cap design creates a more responsive barrel with the improvement of the sound of the bat. Also, it is featured with a custom lizard skin grip which gives a better feel. Moreover, it is an approved bat that follows USA baseball standards.

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Easton Ghost X Evolution reviews

Easton Ghost X Evolution -10 (2 58) USA Youth Baseball Bat .


  • 2 5/8 inch barrel diameter.
  • 2-Piece Composite Design.
  • Speed Balanced Swing Weight.
  • Exact Carbon Engineering x Advanced Carbon Technology.
  • Nitro cell foam for grip.
  • Custom lizard skin in the grip.


  • The high-quality material used.
  • Nitrocell foam for grip
  • 2-piece speed balanced design


  • The bat is pretty thick.

What Do People Say:

A lot of  Buyers find this bat is worth money. They are happy with their purchase for its ultra-comfortable design but low cost. Some buyers claim that “pop” and sound is very good.

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Easton Ghost X Evolution -10 (2 58) USA Youth Baseball Bat .

Our Recommendation

We recommend you buy the Easton Ghost X BBCOR BB BAT if you are searching for a good, balanced, and perfect baseball bat for you.

At the end of the 2020 Easton ghost x review of the total three bats, think again and make an order according to your requirements.

About Easton Brand

Easton is worldwide popular for the manufacturing of baseball and softball bat & other equipments. They are world-leading and holding the number one position. They innovate and apply various techniques to their products. Because of the quality of their products, a lot of popular baseball players of the various leagues like Little League Baseball, USSSA Baseball & Softball, USA Baseball & Softball have a good relationship with them.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Easton Ghost X Reviews

While buying a baseball a lot of questions arise. We have collected some Frequently asked questions for our visitor so that they can get all the answers here.

● Which Easton ghost bat is illegal?

USA Baseball has banned The Easton Ghost X (YBB18GX10). And that only applies to 30’/20-ounce options.

● Is the Easton ghost a good bat?

The Easton Ghost double barrel is an end-loaded bat that can hit absolute rockets though it is heavier than other first pitch bats on the market. But many players love it.

● Is the Easton ghost X end loaded?

Yes, the Easton Ghost X is an end-loaded.

● How do you break in Easton Ghost X?

Rotate and hit about 100-200 hits to get a break in Easton Ghost X.

● Does Easton still make Mako bats?

The Mako bats contracts were two-piece composite designs, Eastron updated the composite in 2016. The bat remained unchanged widely.

● How much is an Easton bat?

There are a lot of bats available from Easton with designs and specifications and material. Widely the Range is from 100-700 USD.

● Where are Easton baseball bats made?

The Easton baseball bats made in Thousand Oaks, CA, Easton Diamond Sports, LLC.

We hope our review will help you to choose the best baseball bats according to your requirements form a lot of bats available in the sporting store.

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