Best Youth Baseball Bats: 10 Dominating Bat In 2021

Buckle up, summer is here and get ready to play baseball. The rush of adrenaline may sky-rocket during the game and the right bat to tag the game will take the entire experience to a new height. Finding the right bat will act as a huge advancement and it will help to take your game to the next level as well.

Well, the course of finding the perfect match is not as easy as it sounds. With so many different brands in the market, it’s quite a daunting task to pick the right one. Also, it’s crucial that you pick the right bat for your little one so that they can flourish their potential and excel at the game.

We have come up with the best youth baseball bats to help you out with the task and ensure that you enjoy the game to the fullest. So, let’s dig in and let the kid have the perfect weapon for the field.

10 Best Youth Baseball Bats Reviews

Easton ADV360

Key Features

  • Made with an ultra-lite composite barrel
  • Lizard skin grip for better comfort and tackiness
  • Soft knob for better control
  • Two-piece all-composite design

best youth baseball bat


The Easton ADV360 is one of a kind and it’s undoubtedly the best youth baseball bat in the market right now. This bat is an outstanding choice for the players who have shown exceptional talent in the game. The incredible features of the bat paired up with the expertise of the player will bring out the best during the game.

It has a two-piece all-composite design that delivers outstanding power and performance. It features Nitrocell foam insert that sets apart the barrel from the handle which helps to reduce the vibration. There are interlocking connection pieces that add up to the flexibility and the comfort of the bat.

The bat is highly raved by its users due to its comfortability. It comes with Lizard skin grip that ensures that the player holds on to the bat even when sweating profusely. Also, it has a tapered soft knob that better leverage and control to the player.

This Easton youth baseball review is designed to provide you with all the necessary details to decide if this is the one for you. It’s a perfect buy for those with no budget constraints and planning to take part in leagues.

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best youth baseball bat 2021

best youth mlb bat


  • Two-piece design for greater durability
  • Large sweet spot
  • Performs well under any circumstance
  • Soft knob provides better control and comfort to the player


  • Expensive
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Marucci Cat 10

Key Features

  • Single-piece alloy construction
  • Features 2nd Generation AV2 Anti-Vibration Knob for effective dampening
  • 2 ½ inch barrel diameter
  • One-year manufacturer’s warranty

youth baseball bat


If you’re looking for the best youth baseball bat at a budget-friendly price tag, then look no further the Marucci CAT 10 is the one for you. It has a single-piece aluminum alloy construction that ensures clean and consistent swing throughout the game.

The Marucci CAT 10 has a USA baseball stamp and it is the first US certified bat by Marucci. Your little champ will be able to participate in a variety of tournaments and leagues with this baby in hand. The bat has a solid construction with an incredibly strong build quality that will last you a while. Also, you will get a one-year manufacturer warranty from the date of purchase.

The bat has a highly balanced swing weight that ensures you have the optimum control over the bat. It comes with an innovative micro-perforated soft grip with extra tack to ensure a strong grip on all weather conditions. Also, it comes with a 2nd Gen AV2 anti-vibration knob that effectively dampens the vibrations and enables the player to pop high with lesser effort. 

The bat comes in multiple different sizes ranging from 26-inches to 31-inches. This gives the players the flexibility to choose a size according to their preference. The diameter of the barrel is sized at 2.5-inches that gives the hitters enough space to hit the sweet spot.

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youth baseball bat

• Easton youth baseball bats reviews


  •  Affordable
  • USA baseball stamp
  • Grip with extra tack
  • 12-month manufacturer warranty


  •  One-piece construction may not be preferred by everyone
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EASTON TYPHOON -12 USA Youth Baseball Bat

Key Features

  • Made with ALX 100 Military-grade alloy
  • Offers high swing speed
  • Concave shaped end cap
  • Comes in length between 27-32 inches
  • 1-year warranty

EASTON TYPHOON -12 USA Youth Baseball Bat ..


The Easton Typhoon is one of the most popular names in the youth leagues. Easton is one of the most popular baseball bat manufacturers and the Typhoon is one of their finest creations. This Easton Typhoon review is designed to provide you with all the necessary details to help you make the ultimate decision.

They have been making baseball bats for over 30 years and they do know their game pretty well. Along with baseball bats, they also manufacture other sports gear to boost up the player’s overall performance.

The bat is constructed with a single piece of aluminum. One-piece bats are less expensive compared to the two-piece design. So, if you’re looking for a budget-friendly option with excellent performance then you can give this one a look.

The bats come in a variety of length sizes ranging from 27-inches to 32-inches. The variable sizes are suitable for both children under 12 and for the teenagers. The weight also varies from 17 ounces to up to 20 ounces.

The EASTON TYPHOON concave end and a comfort grip that will enable the player to play for an hour without any discomfort. It has a barrel size of 2-1/4’’ which is ideal for young players. Along with great performance, the bright red color will surely catch the eyes as well.

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• Youth baseball bat reviews

best fastpitch baseball bat


  • Suitable for professional players
  • High swing speed
  • Made with high-quality military-grade material
  • Durable


  • Expensive 
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Rawlings 2019 5150 USA Youth Baseball Bat

Key Features

  • One-piece construction
  • Mae with aerospace-grade alloy
  • Suitable for power hitters
  • Pop 2.0 technology
  • USA baseball certificate



Rawlings has been manufacturing sports equipment for over a century. Their mission is to create sports gears and equipment for people with all levels of expertise. They gained quite some popularity during last season and they were used widely during the USA baseball fall ball circuits.

The Rawlings 5150 comes in a single piece of aluminum construction. The player will be able to get the ultimate pop when it hits the sweet spot. It’s made with an aerospace-grade alloy that helps to maximize its durability as well as performance.

This bat has a slightly longer barrel than its predecessors. Due to the larger barrel, the probability of hitting the sweet spot is also more. It’s engineered with POP 2.0 technology that ensures the barrel stretches beyond its regular size. Power hitters can make better use of this feature and hit with better accuracy and precision.

The bat comes in multiple sizes varying from 27-32 inches. Bear in mind that the weight of the bat is proportional to its size. If you’re planning to get it for your child, then make sure that you choose the appropriate size that’s suitable for them.

Another great feature of the Rawlings 5150 is that it has the USA baseball certificate stamp. This makes the bat be used in all the major tournaments that require USA bats to participate.

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best youth baseball bat for all time


  • Features pop 2.0 technology
  • Larger barrel ensures enhanced sweet spot
  • Variety of sizes
  • Suitable for players with all level of expertise
  • USA certification


  • Slightly heavy
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Easton 2018 USA Baseball Beast X Series

Key Features

  • The z-core internal core technology
  • Advanced thermal alloy construction
  • 2 5/8 inch barrel diameter
  • HYPERSKIN grip increases cushioning
  • 12-month manufacturer’s warranty

best youth baseball bat for the money


Easton is the most iconic brand in baseball sports and currently, the world’s no 1 manufacturer of baseball and bat. Recently in 2018, the company launched the Beast X series which is an outstanding one-piece baseball bat.

The baseball bat has been able to combine new ATAC alloy and Z-CORE technology into an integrated design to give you one of the best feelings in the match. The new ATAC technology is the most powerful and strong aluminum barrel in the market.

The end-loaded design of this baseball bat ensures you that you get more mass behind the ball at contact by offering a heavier swing. Moreover, players like to have a larger sweet spot which gives them more margin of error. You’ll be happy to know that this bat is equipped with an extra 2 5/8 inch barrel to extend the sweet spot of the bat.

Another great feature is the ATAC alloy handle which is covered with Easton’s HYPERSKIN so that you can have a comfortable and effective grip at the plate. You don’t have to worry about the bat standard as it’s approved for play in AABC, Babe Ruth, Cal Ripken, Dixie Youth, and many more!

We have another Easton bat review like Easton 2018 USA Baseball Beast X Series. For your assistance we have put the link below:

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best youth baseball bat for the money

best youth baseball bat ever


  • Large sweet spot
  • Ultra-thin construction
  • Comfortable grip
  • Strong build quality


  • Vibrates badly when swinging
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The Greatest Catches.

Franklin Sports Tee Ball Bat

Key Features

  • USA Baseball certified
  • Sturdy aluminum construction
  • Balanced weight distribution
  • Improved handling

best baseball bat


If you’re looking for a great baseball bat that has the ability to satisfy your kid’s baseball purposes, then the Franklin Sports Tee Bat is the right choice for you. This bat can work perfectly against a soft-core tee-ball and for battling drills when your kid is practicing his or her form.

This bat has a wide 2 5/8″ barrel for a larger sweet spot. Therefore, your kid will be able to make good contact and drive the ball easily. Also, the bat is constructed from a durable aluminum alloy which was designed for high performance and increased pop while still remaining lightweight. This durable construction allows your kid to control the bat easily.

The batting tape around the handle is mainly designed to be extra sticky for optimal grip. As a result, your kid will have the ability to control the bat head easily and put good swings on the ball. also, you don’t have to worry about the standard of the bat as it has been tested carefully to meet all sorts of USA baseball standards and luckily it passed these tests. Therefore, it has been approved for league play.

Moreover, the product comes backed up by a 12-month manufacturer’s warranty.

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bast youth baseball bat under 1000$

best baseball bat for youth


  • Extra budget-friendly
  • Works great for battling drills
  • Available in various colors and drop weights
  • Sturdy construction


  • Only suitable for soft tee balls
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Rawlings Raptor Youth Baseball Bat

Key Features

  • 1-piece bat construction
  • 100% aluminum alloy design
  • 2 1/4″ barrel diameter
  • -10oz length to weight ratio
  • 1-year manufacture warranty

youth baseball bat


The Rawlings Raptor Youth Baseball Bat is exactly what you need if you want a practice bat that can withstand solid hits on the plate.

This bat cannot produce explosive pops due to its small barrel diameter and limited sweet spot. However, it will give you great accuracy and swing speed, as it’s a tool for form development, not power enhancement.

For its one-piece construction, it’ll create negative vibrations. After you hit it with strong and speeding balls, you’ll feel some stinging impacts. Though it wouldn’t lessen the accuracy or power of your strikes, it might make you feel uncomfortable on the field. Fortunately, for its durable and stable design, the vibrations would never go out of control.

It also features a pre-wrapped tacky grip on the handle. Therefore, you can stay rest assured that it’s extremely comfortable to hold. It’ll never slip away from your hands, no matter how strong the impact was. It’ll never sore your palms too.

It might sustain some scratches on the surface after you hit it with 100 pitches. Still, the overall structure will remain the same because high-space grade alloy was used on this bat which makes it solid and durable without compromising its weight.

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youth baseball bat

special youth baseball bat


  • Perfect for amateurs
  • Durable structure
  • Nearly immune to physical damages
  • Comfortable to hold


  • Generates awkward vibrations
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Easton S300 Youth Baseball Bat

The last Easton baseball bat on our review of the best youth baseball bats is Easton S300.

Key Features

  • 12 length to weight ratio
  • Aircraft alloy for fast swing speed
  • USSSA 1.15 BPF Stamp
  • Balanced swing weight
  • 12-month manufacturer’s warranty

best mlb bat for youth


The design of this bat is really appealing with a balanced swing weight that matches its use for perfect results. It has a 12 length to weight ratio which means the bat is a little bit taller than other youth baseball bats.

When it comes to comfort and feel the Easton S300 makes no compromise, thanks to the cushion. It has a 7046 Aircraft alloy ultra-thin handle to ensure that you get the utmost comfort and feel. The trampoline effect is boosted by a balanced swing weight for perfect field performance.   

This bat is built to increase swing speed and power of young players who are looking to take their game seriously. The swing speed increase comes from the lightweight material used to build this bat. So, the lightweight design makes it perfect for young players.

Overall, the Easton S300 comes at a very affordable price and will definitely give you great value for money. Moreover, you can able to swing the bat without any fear as the product comes backed up by a 12-month manufacturer’s warranty.

We have another Easton bat review in details:

Easton Fastpitch Bat Reviews.

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best mlb bat for youth

best easton youth baseball bat


  • Affordable price
  • Perfect swing speed
  • Comfortable handle with a nice grip
  • Lightweight design


  • Gets chips and dents very fast which makes it unusable
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Rawlings 2020 Threat USA Youth Baseball Bat Series

Key Features

  • One-piece construction
  • Lightweight
  • 2 5/8” barrel diameter
  • End cap for extra balance

best rawling baseball bat for youth


The Rawlings 2020 Threat is another gem by them that will make the kid’s game to the new level. It’s highly durable, aesthetically pleasing and the best part is, it’s quite affordable. Despite the tons of innovative features, Rawlings has kept the price at a budget-friendly range.

One of the best features of this bat is that it has super light swing speed that makes it ultra-comfortable to play with. It has USA bat stamp certification and the little one can participate in all kinds of the league with this one.

The Threat 2020 has a single-piece construction that’s outlined by carbon fiber. The 2 5/8-inch barrel provides sufficient space to hit the sweet spot.  Along with that, the pop on this one is excellent compared to other -12 drop youth USA bats.

The bat features Rawlings’ innovative new end cap that provides added balance and control to the player. The handle is made with 100% composite material and it’s prewrapped with sticky grip for better comfort and grip during the game.

Overall, this baby is an excellent addition for youngsters who’re looking for a bat with extra pop and speed. On top of that, you’ll get a one-year manufacturer warranty to make the best of your purchase.

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best youth baseball bat

best youth bat


  • Lightweight and comfortable to play with
  • Carbon fiber barrel for maximum pop
  • Balanced swing speed
  • USA bat stamped


  • Not suitable for a professional player
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How to Select The Right Youth Baseball Bat

You may need to go through a trial and error session to find the right match. Different players have different playing style and you may need to give some time before you find your match made in heaven.

Being comfortable with the bat is extremely important for the youngsters to help them develop their skills. Many times, children are unable to deliver their full potential due to the wrong choice of the baseball bat and other gears.

Bat Construction

One Piece: One-piece bats are constructed without any break point between the barrel and the handle. You can strike with increasing power as the bat can store a greater amount of energy. However, the flex rate is reduced, and the stiffness is increased due to this construction of the bat.

Two-Piece :Two-piece baseball bats have a higher flex rate and they create a whip effect as the ball touches the bat. Due to this effect, the bat provides increased power that ensures greater speed. Combination materials such as metal alloy, wood, etc. are used for constructing these bats.


For any item, the material is highly important to ensure quality and durability. Gone are the old days when the bats were only made of wood. Nowadays, baseball bats are made with a variety of different materials to provide a perfect fit for everyone.

Maple baseball bats have recently become popular as many professional players have started using them. Maple woods were heavier than the other type of materials and they were previously not much preferred by the player.

However, recent technologies have developed drying wood with low moisture content that has reduced the weight range. Even though Maple wood bats are more expensive than the white ash, they tend to last longer than white ash. We don’t recommend you go for a bat made with maple wood for the youngsters as they may be too heavy for their preference.

On the other hand, aluminum bats have been there for quite a long time and they’re widely known for their high swing speed rate. Nowadays, bats made with composite materials are also getting popular due to their lightweight construction and superior performance.


The standard barrel size in youth bats for most leagues out there is 2 ¼ inch, such as Little League and Dixie Youth. If your child is under 12 years of age, then your child should go for this standard size. Apart from these leagues, other independent league prefers 2 ¾ inch barrels, but not higher than this.


The best youth bats are regularly lighter, with a drop length-to-weight proportion between – 8 and – 13. Drop weight is determined by subtracting the length of the bat from the weight. So a bat that is 34 inches in length yet gauges 26 pounds has a drop weight of – 8.

A bat that has a drop weight of – 13 will be simpler to swing than contrasted with a – 8 bat. One thing that you’ve to keep in mind is that the heaviest bats are consistently the best. Excessively substantial and the bat will be difficult to swing and control. If you go for excessively light, then the hitter will lose some capacity to hit the ball with an ideal force.

An accommodating bat weight test is that if a player can’t keep their arm straight and hold the bat out to their side with one hand at shoulder level for 15-20 seconds, the bat is unreasonably substantial for them.

On the off chance that you follow the fundamental size graphs, you’ll likely discover a bat that breezes through this assessment. The bat length and weight truly go connected at the hip as a similar adaptation of a bat; the more extended structures will consistently be heavier.

Here are some of the major factors that you need to keep an eye on:

  • Bat Length: Estimated in inches. Generally, run from 27″ to 32″ long.
  • Bat Weight: Estimated in ounces. We’ve incorporated a few diagrams to give you a thought.
  • Length-to-Weight Proportion: Youth bats have the biggest drop weight of any bats accessible from around – 7 to – 14.
  • Build Quality: Alloy bats normally produced using aircraft grade compounds, interestingly composite bats are made of composite filaments. Lastly, mixture bats consolidate various materials, for example, combined with carbon strands.

League Requirements

As we’ve said earlier each league runs by its own rules. Always remember to check your local league’s requirements before buying a bat, it doesn’t matter even if you come across the perfect bat in the market. If you follow the league requirements carefully then it’ll save you a lot of money in the future.

We are not seller, We just do review baseball & other sports Accessories. In continue we have awesome accessories review like youth baseball bat. For your assistance we have given links below. Hope you will enjoy.

Different Parts of a Baseball Bat

Though it depends on manufacturer to put their own spin on the parts but let’s check out the basic parts of a baseball bat.


The top piece of the bat used to give the ball a decent smacking. This is the place the Holy Grail lies known as the “sweet recognize.” The more drawn out the barrel, the more lenient and bigger the sweet spot would be.

 A little barrel may have a diminished sweet spot, however, it will be lighter weight and, along these lines, offer a quicker swing speed. Bat makers utilize the distance across this piece of the bat to concoct barrel size. 


This piece of the bat covers the handle. Most bat grasps are either cowhide or an engineered. Elastic holds will diminish sting in the palms when making an unbalanced association.


The end nearest to the hitter is finished with a handle. This enables the player to keep up a consistent grasp much after the deadliest of cuts.


The taper of a bat is a metric that demonstrates the distance across of the bat’s handle. A bigger taper will likewise diminish the sting when the bat reaches the ball. Clearly, a bigger taper will add extra weight to the bat. 


This is situated on the finish of the bat most remote from the hitter. A few tops are intended to hold all the power the bat produces when it strikes the ball.


Types of Baseball Bats

There are four basic types of baseball bats that help you to understand what type of hitter you are and what type of league you play in.  Let’s have a look at the four types of baseball bats.


Since the game’s most punctual days the great baseball bats seen in professional leagues. It’s made of wood, and this is a standard that has existed. Minor and significant classes over the globe solely use wood made baseball bats in games and batting-confine meetings.

The kinds of wood utilized, in any case, contrast extraordinarily from group to group and period to time. For instance, the Major League Baseball bats created by Louisville Slugger used to be made uniquely from white debris wood, giving the bat a thick, thick synthesis.

Proficient groups have since changed to the utilization of maple wood bats, which are lighter however tend to break all the more frequently under the rigors of standard use. Different sorts of wood, for example, hickory and bamboo, have gotten progressively well known, however, they are not endorsed for use by most expert associations.


Aluminum is the material most regularly utilized for polished bat from youth baseball through secondary school and school. Aluminum is lighter and progressively tough, and aluminum bats are simpler to swing than wood bats of equivalent size, making them perfect for more youthful players learning the best possible mechanics of a decent swing.

Likewise, aluminum bats permit the ball to “fly” off the bat with more prominent speed, which makes up for an absence of solidarity and precision in more youthful players who can’t copy their endeavors with wood bats.


Composite bats are created from a mix of graphite, plastic and at times titanium and give youthful players a bat that is considerably lighter than aluminum. This lets kids contend at a nearly elevated level in lower associations.

Composite bats are more costly than aluminum bats and are not taken into account in-game play for specific classes. Likewise, the composite material isn’t as tough as aluminum, particularly in the bit between the handle and the barrel.


Half breed bats basically join the qualities of both aluminum and composite bats, while wiping out the disadvantages. A half and the half-bat are regularly developed with an aluminum handle and spine, while the barrel is pressure-shaped composite materials, including the previously mentioned graphite, plastic, and titanium.

The hybrid bat’s most noteworthy quality is its sturdiness, giving protection from imprints, dings, curves, imperfections and distorting after some time. The essential disadvantages are that hybrids aren’t taken into consideration serious play in certain associations and that they cost as much as composite bats, making aluminum a superior choice for certain hitters.

Maintenance Tips

By following these simple tips you would able to use your baseball bat in the best condition for the longest possible. Though each manufacturer has their own formula, these are some of the basic tips that will be applicable for all the bats out there.

  • Don’t let everyone use your bat
  • Try not to use the bat in temperatures below 60 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Avoid extremely hot and cold temperature areas to store your bat
  • Always check for any damage before and after using the bat
  • Rotate your bat after each swing as this will prevent the barrel from getting tear apart from one side

Frequently Asked Questions

We have picked some most asked questions and have tried to provide you proper answer. 

What is the best youth baseball bat of 2020?

Answer: All the baseball bats that we reviewed are top of the line and some of the best in the market. However, if we need to make a choice for the best youth baseball bat 2020 then out top pick will be the 2020 Easton ADV 360. This two-piece all-composite model is an absolute powerhouse and one of the finest youth baseball bats out there. It’s super comfortable to play with and it’s the only bat from Easton that features ultra-lite composite barrel. 

What baseball bat has the most pop?

Answer: Pop refers to the speed at which the ball leaves the bat. From our picks, Marucci Cat 7 delivers incredible pop with superior control. The oversized barrel provides sufficient space for the player to make the hit with the most pop. Also, the best part is all the goodness comes with a very reasonable price tag as well.

What type of bat hits the farthest?

Ans: Well, this depends on quite a lot on the expertise and techniques used by the player. However, aluminum bats have a larger sweet spot compared to the wooden bats which enable the ball to travel farther. The science behind this is that the “balance point” in an aluminum bat is closer to the handle compared to a wooden bat. This helps the player to swing the aluminum bat faster than a wooden bat. 

What bat weight should I use?

Answer: Baseball bats have gone through quite some changes during the last 20 years. There are strict rules and regulations regarding bat usages based on the age, height, and weight of the player. Children between 6lbs to 70lbs should opt for bats sized at 27-inches, 81lbs to 90lbs inches should go for 28 inches, 91lbs to 120lbs should go for 29 inches, and 121lbs to 160lbs should go for 30 inches and so on. 

How much does a youth baseball bat cost?

Answer: The youth baseball bats come in a variety of price ranges. All the bats that we reviewed are the best youth baseball bats in the market. We have reviewed bats with a varying price range so that everyone can find something according to their budget range. The price of the bat usually ranges from $100 to $300. The price open tends to fluctuate depending on the availability of the bat as well. You can find these bats on Amazon and the manufacturer’s website as well. 

What is the best USA youth baseball bat?

Answer: USA baseball bats are made in compliance with the USA certification standard. These bats are compatible with a variety of league games. The Rawlings Threat 2020 is one of our top choices for the USA bats. Despite its one-piece construction, it’s exceptionally durable and delivers an outstanding performance as well. The youngster will be able to participate in all league games with the Rawlings Threat 2020 bat.

Final Thoughts

Having a quality bat will boost up the confidence of the player and help to score better during the game. It’s not necessary to break the bank to get your hands on a well-crafted baseball bat. Rather you need to go through some trial and errors till the young one finds the perfect match.

All the youth baseball bats that we reviewed are top of the line and designed to work in favor of the players. These are some of the best youth baseball bats in the market and they will last through quite a few seasons with proper care.

If you are planning to get your child or teenager a new baseball bat or an upgrade from the old one, then these youth baseball reviews will really come in handy for you. So, go get your little champ the best youth baseball bat and don’t forget to share your experience with us.

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