Best Baseball Sunglasses: Top 5 Sunglasses In 2021

One main concern that a lot of people seem to have whenever playing any kind of sport, including baseball, is the issue of sunlight pouring in abundance and distorting ones view of what is lying on the front. However, there are now tons of different brands which boast the best baseball sunglasses and other kinds of shades made especially for sports.

In this article of ours, we will be reviewing some of the best sunglass models manufactured for playing baseball, while also checking out a few other features that you need to keep in mind before you make your initial purchase.

So without further ado, let us get right into the reviews!

Best Baseball Sunglasses

Duduma Polarized Designer Sunglasses for Baseball

This polarized sunglass in blue and white is ideal for not only baseball as players can wear it for skiing as well trekking.


When searching for a pair of shades that provide not only comfort but also protection to your eyes from harsh rays of the sun, look no further than this amazing Duduma polarized sunglass.

This sunglass features polycarbonate lenses which come in 7 layers that provide users with premium protection. While the first TAC layer is for polarization, the second and third layers are for enhancing durability of the entire product.

On the other hand, the fourth and fifth layers are meant to provide protection from ultraviolet rays of the sun, whereas the sixth and seventh layers work to make the lenses completely shatterproof.

The lenses come coated with a scratch resistant substance as well, so you can expect this product to last you for a really long time in the same condition over the years.

This sunglass has lenses with a height of 40mm while the width is of 66mm only. On the other hand, the leg has a length of 140mm, whereas the nose bridge and frame length have measurements of 30mm and 140mm respectively

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best baseball sunglasses

best baseball sunglasses


  • Strong and flexible frame
  • The lenses come with 7 layers of protection
  • Amazing durability
  • The product is meant to protect the eyes from all kinds of harsh rays from the sun
  • Budget friendly.


  • The frame apparently can loosen up over time.
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RIVBOS Polarized Sports Sunglasses For Men

The first product that we have on our review is this incredible RIZBOS polarized sunglass model in the shade black.


This amazing product that we have right here can be found in 16 different shades to buy from. The best thing about this sunglass is that it comes with polycarbonate lens which is known to be really sturdy and strong against cracking.

The sunglass has a total height of 40 mm, with a lens width of about 64mm in total. Alongside that, the legs are of 140mm each in length, with a bridge of 30mm.

On top of that, the mirror coated glaze on this sunglass makes the product incredible to wear for comfort on very sunny days when the sun is glaring at full potential.

The frame of this bad boy is a Swiss TR90 one, which is super lightweight and easy to wear on for a long period of time. Alongside that, the lenses are completely polarized in order to prevent unnecessary glares and harmful rays from reaching your eyes.

The product comes in a hard, plastic case as well as a cleaning microfiber cloth that you can use to maintain the shades when not in use.

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best baseball sunglasses under 50$

best baseball sunglasses


  • The shades provide protection from UV rays of the sun
  • High quality Swiss frame
  • Excessive mirror coating has been done on the lenses to prevent glares
  • The sunglass can filter out harmful rays of the sun.


  • The plastic casing that the shades come in is not too hard.
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RIVBOS Polarized Sports Sunglass For Women Men

This black-pink colored polarized sunglass is the best one to get for baseball as it is unisex and comes with a rubber frame that can be worn on for a long period of time at a stretch.


If you want something high quality but minus the hole in your wallet, then this budget friendly RIVBOS sunglass is the one you need to get your hands on. This stylish and chic sunglass comes with Swiss made TR90 frame that is not only strong, but also sturdy and flexible enough to withstand all kinds of force.

On the other hand, the polarized TAC lenses on this sunglass are mirror coated in order to reflect back all kinds of glares and harmful ultra violet rays of the sun. The lenses also offer filtering, therefore eliminating all sorts of distorted light rays that could possibly damage the retina of your eyes.

This high quality product has a frame length of 140mm while the lenses have a total height and width of 40mm x 64mm respectively. On top of that, the nose bridge is of 30mm, while the legs have measurements of 140mm in total.

You will also be receiving a hard case and soft pouch to store the sunglass when not in use. The microfiber cloth that comes with this sunglass is soft and very easy to clean the lenses with.

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RIVBOS Polarized Sports Sunglasses for Women Men Driving shades Cycling Running.

RIVBOS Polarized Sports Sunglasses for Women Men Driving shades Cycling Running


  • High quality Swiss frame is strong and flexible
  • Amazing light reflection, thanks to the mirror coating
  • The cleaning cloth is soft and easy to clean with
  • Budget friendly product.


  • The sizing of the sunglass can be quite off if not paid attention to while placing an order.
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Oakley Youth Boys Radar Sunglass

This polarized Iridium sunglass for boys is the perfect one to get your brother, son, friend or boyfriend for their next baseball match.


With over 6 different colors to choose from for the lenses, this amazing sunglass model is hard, sturdy and very flexible to be worn on for a long period of time at a stretch.

This incredible product comes with Sapphire Iridium lenses which work extremely well in protecting the eyes from the harsh rays of the sun. On top of that, the Oakley frame itself is really lightweight, so players will not feel any strain while having this sunglass on during a match.

The sunglass also comes with ear-socks and nose pads which are meant to provide players with comfort on the face, as well as a better grip. You will find the lenses of this sunglass to be completely interchangeable, which is actually pretty ergonomic and practical as you will not be required to spend tons of money every time to get replacement lenses.

On the other hand, Plutonite lenses provide extra protection to the eyes when playing under really harsh sun settings. The lenses take away harmful blue light while alternating it with improved clarity and sun protection.

This sunglass has a total lens width of 31mm while the bridge and arm measure up to 131mm and 122mm respectively.

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Oakley Youth Boys Radar Sunglass ​

best youth baseball sunglasses


  • Conveniently lightweight product
  • The ear-socks and nose pads provide enhanced comfort
  • Flexible frame contours to all kinds of facial structure
  • Strong and durable lenses protect the eyes perfectly.


  • This sunglass is not too budget friendly at all.
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Oakley Men’s Radar EV Sunglass

Our last product on this list is yet another amazing Oakley Men’s sunglass in the shade white and prizm sapphire.


Other than the model that we are reviewing today on this article today, this best baseball sunglass can also be found in 37 other shades and colors. Similar to the previous Oakley sunglass that we reviewed on this article, this high quality product also features Plutonite lenses which protect the eyes with utmost care.

The lenses are made to dim the harsh rays of the sun while protecting the retina from harmful ultra violet rays and glares. On top of that, the high definition optic of this sunglass also provides premium clarity and vision to its players.

When it comes to soaking up all sorts of impact without necessarily showing any signs of wear and tear, nothing can ever beat Oakley sunglasses! This incredible product comes with a stress-resistant frame that is flexible and durable.

The best thing about this product is that it also comes with interchangeable lenses that cut down on your future expenses. This ergonomic feature of Oakley sunglasses is what makes this product such a hit amongst trekkers and baseball players.

With a total lens width of 38mm and bridge measurements of 138mm in total, this sunglass will perfectly blend with the contours of your face so that you feel optimal comfort while playing.

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best oakley baseball sunglasses

best oakley lenses for baseball


  • The polarized Iridium lenses are durable and long-lasting
  • High quality lenses filter out harmful rays of the sun
  • Convenient ray reflection coating on the shades
  • Patented HDO clarity and vision.


  • Unfortunately this sunglass is not too budget friendly.
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Oakley Lens Cleaning and Maintenance

Which Best Baseball Sunglass Should You Get?

After completing thorough research on the sunglasses that we have mentioned on this article today, we have come to the conclusion that the Duduma Polarized Designer Sunglass for playing baseball is one of the best that you can get your hands on.

This model is lightweight, boasts incredible features while not costing too much at all! Not only is this sunglass budget friendly but it also packs in a mighty punch with its amazing specifications that could easily give its competitors a run for their money.

The product comes with the best dimensions that sit on your face without even feeling too heavy at all. The sunglass is stylish, chic and very practical as it makes sure to put the protection of your eyes as its first priority.

On top of that, the product also makes sure to deflect harmful rays which could possibly damage the inner cornea and retina of your eyes. You will be glad to know that the shades have a large base, which not only protects the eyes but also the skin all around it.

As 2 be quite fragile, which is why you are required to also keep them shielded away when playing baseball outdoors for a long period of time.

The good news here is that this Duduma Polarized Designer Sunglass does exactly that, including much more at once.

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How to Select the Best Baseball Sunglasses

Before we move on to concluding the end of this article, we thought it would be a good idea to note down some of the features that you need to keep in mind before you select the best baseball sunglasses for your own matches.

The features mentioned below are going to be totally general so not every product will come with them. However, high quality sunglasses from renowned brands should feature at least one or two of the factors mentioned below.

Ultra Violet Ray Protection

This is the most important feature that a high quality baseball sunglass should have. There is no reason whatsoever to invest tons of money in a sports sunglass if it is not able to even provide the bare minimum protection from ultra violet rays to your eyes.

Ultra violet rays of the sun can be really damaging to the inner cornea and retina of the eyes, which in result could also prompt a person to go blind if exposed to harsh sun rays over a long period of time.

This is why it is important that the baseball sunglass that you invest in for your matches come with the necessary protective layers that will shield your eyes from UV rays of the sun.

On top of that, the glares should also be toned down to a bare minimum as that will decrease chances of anything get past the lenses and into your eyes.

The Frame

The frame of a high quality baseball sunglass should be strong and sturdy, but also very flexible as you will have to be wearing them for a long period of time. Getting a sunglass that is hard will only hurt your ears and the bridge of your nose.

Remember that you might even have to wear a helmet on your head while playing baseball, which is why you need to shop for the right pair of baseball shades accordingly.

When choosing for the right frame for your baseball sunglasses, try to go for either angular or wide frames, as these two provide optimal balance and comfort to the skin around the eyes.

However, you should also make sure to take your face shape into account before you place an order for a frame type for your baseball sunglass.

For example, those with square faces should go for a rimless frame as that will enhance your appearance the most while also providing the necessary protection to your eyes.

On the other hand, go for aviator frames if you have a heart-shaped facial structure as that will enhance your cheek bones while also sitting better on your nose bridge. 

The main priority that you need to take into consideration whenever choosing a frame for your baseball sunglasses is that it should stick to your face properly without feeling too heavy or painful on the ears and nose bridge.

You will be required to have your sunglasses on for a really long period of time at a stretch, which is why you should only get the best deal for your money. Make sure to do proper research before going for any kind of baseball sunglass.

The Nose-pad Grip

Another key feature that most baseball sunglasses come equipped with these days is a nose pad. A nose pad is a very important part of a sport sunglass as it is what will make sure that the entire product sits on your face properly while also protecting the area around your eyes from external impact.

However, it is crucial that the baseball sunglass that you invest in comes with a nose pad that has amazing grip, or else there is no point in getting such an expensive pair of shades to begin with.

The nose pad will make sure you can focus on your game play without having to worry about the sunglass falling off to the ground in case there is a shift in movement.

Alongside that, the nose pad will also allow you to have a fixed vision as it will prevent the sunglass from sliding to the sides whenever you swing your baseball bat or throw the ball during a match.

Coverage Around the Eyes

It is important that the sunglass that you are investing in for your next baseball match provides optimal coverage during each match.

It is common for a lot of dust and debris to be flying around on a baseball field, which in turn could be quite a struggle for the players. This is where the coverage feature of a baseball sunglass comes in.

A high quality baseball sunglass will be able to provide its users with optimal coverage all around the eyes that will prevent external dust and tiny debris from entering through the corners of the eyes.

We know just how painful it can be when dust penetrates through shades and enters the eyes. Not only can it be a bother during a serious match, but dust getting into the eyes can also very seriously fatal to some extent.

There have been countless reports of victims going blind after their eyes came in direct contact with dust and debris. We are sure you do not want to face the same situation when playing your favorite game, so make sure to check if the sunglasses that you want to invest in come with this important feature or not at first.


If you notice, you will see that all of the sunglasses that we mentioned today in this article come with polarized lenses. While you can actually find baseball sunglasses without polarization, we suggest you to only get ones that include this great feature instead.

Why is polarization so great, you ask? Well, for instance, polarized lenses not only trap distorted light rays in one place, but also keep them from creating excessive glare that could possibly irritate the eyes.

On top of that, polarized lenses also filter out horizontal wavelengths which could distort a player’s vision and clarity while playing baseball.

Polarized lenses also dim down the light being reflected into the shades, which in turn protects your eyes from sudden, sharp glares. While this is a good feature to have when playing baseball, it could possibly create more harm while skiing or mountain biking as your vision will be darker and more closed off.

However, as we are on the topic of baseball, it is necessary that the best baseball sunglasses come with this amazing feature.


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Mistakes People Make When Selecting the Best Baseball Sunglasses

Even in this day and age, there are unfortunately some people who tend to make a few mistakes when selecting the best baseball sunglasses.

For example, whenever purchasing a baseball sunglass, make sure if it comes with polarized lenses or not. More often than not, this feature is ignored, which in turn harms the eyes on a long term basis.

You need something to protect your eyes from the harsh and sudden glares of the sun, which is why polarized lenses are so important.

Another mistake many people make when selecting a baseball sunglass is disregarding the size and frame of it completely. It does not matter whether you are shopping online or offline, as you still should check out the size and frame of the sunglass personally by yourself.

Since you need to be choosing a sunglass that is specifically for playing baseball, you need to make sure that the product fits perfectly onto your face and contours to your facial structures in the best way possible.

The worst thing that could possibly happen while playing a serious baseball match is to find your sunglass slowly slipping off while the sun hits your eyes directly. You need to make sure that the glasses fit onto and around your eyes without putting too much pressure.

Another mistake that many people tend to make is to ignore the quality of it. A high quality and good branded baseball sunglass should be made from either hard plastic or Swiss TR90 material.

These two materials are sturdy and flexible at the same time, therefore providing players with the necessary protection that their eyes truly deserve.

What Are the Best Sunglasses Brands for Baseball and softball?

There are way too many brands to take into consideration when choosing the best sunglasses for baseball and softball, however, the good thing is that there are some that are quite the best at what they do and provide for their players.

For example, some amazing sunglass brands for baseball and softball are:

  • Duduma
  • TOREGE, etc.

These brands are the most renowned ones that you could possibly find on the market at the moment. Their products are all of really high quality and boast amazing features that could easily give any competitor a run for their money.

Are There Any Rules Prohibiting Players From Wearing Sunglasses?

No, there are not any specific rules that prohibit players from wearing sunglasses while playing, however, umpires might sometimes prevent them from doing so in order to keep other players from getting distracted due to glares reflecting off of the shades.

Another reason why umpires sometimes prohibit players from wearing shades on the field is to prevent mishaps from taking place, which includes lenses shattering due to being hit by the ball or bat itself.

In any case, players can in fact wear sunglasses while playing baseball, and there is no specific rule that prohibits them from doing so on the field.

Frequently Asked Question about Best Baseball Sunglasses

1. What sunglasses do MLB players wear?

MLB players usually wear OAKLEY, DUDUMA or Under Armour sunglasses while playing on the field.

2. Are Polarized lenses good for baseball?

Yes, polarized lenses are actually good for wearing when playing serious baseball matches on a really sunny day.

3. What color sunglass lens is best for baseball?

Rose colored sunglass lenses are apparently the best color to wear on when playing baseball as it provides high contrast to players without necessarily allowing sunlight to pour in.

4. Are mirrored sunglasses better for your eyes?

Yes, mirrored sunglasses are better for your eyes as they tend to deflect the harsh rays of the sun.

5. Which are better polarized or mirrored sunglasses?

Polarized sunglasses are better than mirrored ones.

6. Are mirrored sunglasses better than polarized?

Both come with their own benefits, but mirrored sunglasses are not as effective in deflecting and dimming down sunlight as polarized lenses.

7. What are the advantages and disadvantages of polarized sunglasses?

While polarized sunglasses tone down sunlight to a bare minimum and prevent extra light from entering the eyes, the same lenses could in fact turn your vision too dark and reduce clarity while playing.

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We hope that by now you have a clear idea about what the best baseball sunglasses should have as features and specifications. All the products mentioned on this article are of only high quality and from really great brands, so we hope you found our chosen products to be worthy of your time and money for your next big match.

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